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Our Collection rooms


From 179€


From 189€

Top Floor

From 249


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From 289€


Our Exclusive rooms

As unique as they are singular, our exclusive rooms leave no room to chance.
Description, photos, location and even the room number, you are sure to get exactly the room you have chosen!

Patio Exclusive N°1

From 299€

Balcony Exclusive N°55

From 309

Exclusive Hammam N°69

From 329

Patio Junior Suite N°2

From 339

Balcony Junior Suite N°56

From 349


An exceptional place

We invite you to discover a hotel which is unique in Paris, ideally located at the intersection of Montmartre and Batignolles.
An atmosphere of understated, timeless elegance.
Extremely restful rooms where everything has been designed for your comfort.
A lush green garden planted with noble species and lined with exotic palm trees.
An intimate, personalized welcome for each guest.
The B Montmartre, an invitation to experience Paris differently.


A personalized service

For your comfort, our teams are at your service at all times, 24/7.
Our friendliness will ensure you will not hesitate to approach our staff.
Our skills will guide you before, during and after your stay to ensure it is a truly special time for you.
Our knowledge will give you the keys to the city along with the key to your room.

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